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Sunday Morning Devotional.....9:45 AM

Sunday School.......................10:00 AM 

Morning Worship.....................11:00 AM

Children's Church....................11:00 AM

Sunday Eve. Worship................6:00 PM

Wed. Evening Bible Study........7:00 PM

Upcoming Events

  • October 12th - Homecoming Sunday
  • October 12th thru 15th - Revival

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Saddletree Church of God

1508 Rennert Road
Lumberton, NC   28360
t. 910-739-3158

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Welcome to Saddletree Church of God

Thank you for visiting our website. Here at Saddletree we are committed to serving God and loving others. Where ever you may be in your spiritual walk, at Saddletree Church of God, you will find a supportive and loving church family with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth. We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in Jesus Christ in every area of their life and encourage spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study and preaching God's Holy Word!   

We invite you to come be a part of our congregation, allowing God into your heart and life. You will never be the same in Jesus name!

Prayer Request & Praise Reports


 posted by: Jim and Yung on 9/12/2014

Please pray for these things I written? Pray for Jim and Yung, Noreen, Cheryl and Izzy and our families (and those we love too). We NEED miracles and breakthroughs, pray God will give them. We NEED healing. Pray God will heal, deliver and keep... Read More

3 people are praying

Urgent prayers for healings and finances

 posted by: Kochu Mon on 9/9/2014

Dear Pastor, This is for an urgent request. I am a born again Christian from India and an unemployed engineer. I have been unemployed for the last 4 1/2 years and I have a family with two sons. My children are studying. I tried... Read More

8 people are praying

Linda pain aliments

 posted by: Jerome Pierce on 7/28/2014

To any Brothers & Sisters In Christ, Prayer of agreement for my wife Linda her hip pelvis is in constant pain she can hardly walk now. She went to the Doctor the other day & got two shots in the hip pelvis but it still hurts worse... Read More

5 people are praying

faith for my ministry

 posted by: Haven Hair on 6/26/2014

Please agree I will have great faith and favor for m ministry to the poor. Read More

5 people are praying

favor and faith

 posted by: Haven Hair on 6/24/2014

Please agree I will have favor and great faith for my ministry to the poor. Read More

7 people are praying

need God to help

 posted by: on 5/6/2014

Pray for Jim and Yung (and both our families and all we love too). Pray God will completely heal us and keep us. Pray God will pour out the Holy Spirit on us in a very great, increasing and endless way. Pray God will also help us in all other... Read More

3 people are praying

healing for my husband

 posted by: Olga on 4/21/2014

Please pray for Alex my husband he got a bad flu.Please pray for his healing. Read More

3 people are praying

Ongoing Prayer

 posted by: Phil Chavez on 1/11/2014

Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 19 years,I'm 41 years old now....... Read More

5 people are praying

prayer needed

 posted by: buth houghtaling jr on 11/29/2013

he has cancer in his stomach lymph glands and spots on his liver.he is is great pain the mass has broken a rib and is seaperate then .he has 3 children. he is not saved working on that Read More

13 people are praying

Need a Job

 posted by: on 10/7/2013

Please remember me in prayer for a job I have one but I can't pay my bills with the amount I make now. I finished college with my Four year degree and I know that God will come on the scene Read More

6 people are praying